Isabella & Matt’s Winter Michigan Wedding

I am not sure where to start here this afternoon.

Yesterday I witnessed one of the sweetest, purest acts of love the world will ever see.

Matthew and Isabella committed their lives to each other in HOLY matrimony.


There was not a dry in the entire Church as Matt and Bella exchanged their vows to each other. Matt promised to always provide for, love, and protect not only Bella, but their son Legend as well. And Bella, with eyes filled with tears, thanked Matt for the years he has already proven to be a strong, yet gentle, father to her son. It was beautiful, and something I will never forget.


The rest of the day was filled with smiles, kisses, and little shivering out in the chilly Michigan air during out portrait time 🙂 hehe


Matt & Bella’s wedding day was the perfect start to my 2018 wedding season, and I am so honored to have told another chapter of their story. I am so thrilled to watch their marriage unfold and their family continue to grow (in the future…. maybe after a couple Disney vacations, right Bella? hehe).





The days amazing vendors:




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