Allison & Brandon in Love in Magic Kingdom

My goodness do I love these two! Allison and I met via Instagram a little over a year ago and her friendship has become such a blessing to me. We try to get together when I take solo trips to the parks and explore the parks, take pictures and grab a bite to eat! Allison is pure JOY! Getting to know her and learn from her has been a GIFT! Make sure you check out her website if you are not already following her! I promise it will bring some LIGHT to your life <3


This past November I had the opportunity to not just have Allison in front of my camera, but her sweet husband Brandon as well! They are PRECIOUS! Their admiration and respect for each other is so evident and their love is tangible <3 Capturing their love (and some shots for Citizen) was so super fun!


[pp_gallery id=”2174″ style-id=”__full-size-images__”]

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